heir pricing is transparent and worth it for the level of service they provide. They charge by the percentage of the truck you fill, and show you a chart with the prices and tell you how much of the truck your stuff will take up before they start. Labour, dump fees, and everything else are all included. I had to get rid of some stuff that couldn't be moved to a new place but was on a budget and they worked with me to get the price to what I could afford. Since a lot of the stuff I had was already out on the curb, they could lower the price a bit. The service was fantastic. The booking process was easy. I booked online a few days ahead of time, but they can often do last minute as well. They called about half an hour before the scheduled window and said they could arrive early if that was ok. The guys were friendly and fast, cleared absolutely everything, and took a huge amount of stress out of the process. I'll definitely use them again when I need them.

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