Aug time of quote, I was told that the weeds would be addressed Nov 2018...driveway repaved May 2019...weeds sprouting. I WhatsApped Joe. He sent his brother with a blow torch to kill the weeds and plug up the holes. More weeds throughout the summer Oct 2019...Joe send his crew to torch again and to lay a layer of driveway sealer May 2020...more weeds. Joe WhatsApped that he would send someone in the Fall Oct 2020...crew came and torched again. I WhatsApped Joe that now there were cracks. He whatsApped back that he would send someone in the fall May 2021...I WhatsApped Joe more weeds. He replied "You know the drill" I asked what about the reply Oct 2021...I WhatsApped Joe to ask when his crew was coming. He replied "Not this year, Spring" After a bit more of texting, I called Joe on WhatApp. He graciously took my call but...I asked him to please come before the snow fall. ************************************************************************* In response to Joe's comments, yes, he did take my calls (called me today as a matter of fact), and yes, he sent someone 2 years in a row to plug up weed holes, so I've upped the rating to 3 stars. I don't expect a driveway to last forever, but weeds sprouting 6 months and cracks 18 months after it being laid is not what I expected. Oh well, c'est la vie.

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Company Response

Thank You for your kind words!!

As per my message I just left you it does not pay to be a good person.

I spoke to you on Oct 4 where you Thanked me for taking you call!!
You asked if I could personally come to have a look at your driveway and
I told you I absolutely would!!

The driveway does not need repaving if after 3 years you have developed
a crack................and as we told you in the past it was due to tree roots. But we
still came after the warranty expired to repair the cracks, take care of any
weeds that grow from the top along the edges, not the middle of the driveway
and our contract states that the homeowner is responsible to keep edges
clear of any growth.

We did not rip you off!! The thickness of the asphalt is as promised.

Which person told you that the driveway needs repaving? Nobody! it is
perfectly fine and will last another 10 years easily!!!

We came back again and again at no cost to you long after the warranty
expired, we even applied a sealant for you at our the end
it does not matter.............doesn't pay to be honest.

This review is only to try and hurt our company, but it doesn't because we
tried.............sometimes you just cannot please everybody and furthermore
we do not have lifetime warranties, The cracks developed after the warranty!!

With Regards,

Joe Zappia,