Our plumber from Reid & Sons was great when it came to his work. He was also very polite and courteous. Unfortunately, our experiences with the "business" side of things left a very bad taste in our mouths. We had to call several times to try and book our plumber, and when we finally got a hold of someone, we were told our plumber would arrive at 8am the next day. The next day we waited and waited. When 10:30 rolled around we called and were told that our plumber had been double booked, but that he should be there shortly. By shortly, they meant 1:40pm. Had I known my plumber was arriving in the afternoon, I would not have booked the whole day off of work. Obviously this company doesn't appreciate its customers - otherwise they would let them know of such a delay, and not say "shortly" when they mean 3 hours from now.

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