I am a fellow tradeswomen. I suggest people I work with for their time and skill. I also prefer to work with the little guy. This is one of those companies. I Loath cooperate companies and respect small independent trades and their value to our community and their ability to do work in a dying trade many cannot do at all. This is one of them. For the complainers. we all get them and in these times. many are not happy over the smallest issue. So If your demanding, and expect big man preference . You get what you pay for. When your getting a good man doing a really hard job. Respect the trade and wait. You cannot rush custom skilled work.

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For the past 8 yrs I have been Pat's seamstress. I have loved working for her, and on my own in such a great Artist co-op. The projects and pat's attention to detail make a happy client every time. The energy of the shop is old school meets new school. We are proud to be the last of a skilled creative Craftsman Team. Fair. and to the point.

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