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We got our roof and our neighbours roof re-done in June 2010 by MN Roofing Co. We were told that we had a ten year warranty on the roof by the service person Masoud. About a year later, in August 2011, we had a serious leak in one corner of the roof----we have never had a leak in this corner ever, since our 20+ years of owning our home. We contacted the roofers, and made an appointment for them to come. They did not keep their appointment time, and neither did they call to let us know. Turns out, they showed up later that evening, without informing or knocking on our door, and went up on the roof of our house using our ladder, without permission. When my husband and I went out, they told us there was a problem with the chimney on the roof, and not the roof itself, which WAS NOT covered under the warranty. Naturally, my husband was really upset, about their unprofessionalism and their refusal to honor the warranty. When he pressed, they resisted, and the situation grew hostile. I got my husband out of there, because he is an older gentleman with a heart condition. We contacted another roofer to come and check out the problem. He said the seams of the roof were not sealed properly when the roof was done, and he suspected that both our house and our neighbours would leak. Now, we have to pay more money for this to be done. Unfortunately, we are at a loss for such awful customer service, and product service. We would not want this to happen to someone else and hope others find this review helpful.

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I contacted GTA Locksmiths after reading these great online reviews. I explained to reception my problem, which was really simple, my doorknob was broken and I needed a replacement. This was a simple doorknob, without a lock/key, and she quoted me one price. Basing it on other locksmiths that I contacted, I figured it was one of the cheaper ones, and since it was a straight foreward job; I went with it. The guy who arrived to fix my doorknob, took maybe 35 minutes to both assess and install a new basic doorknob. Then he footed me a bill of aprox $190. I was taken back---this was way over the price that was quoted, and for 35 min of work? Didn't sound right. I will not be contacting them again.

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