The spring of 2020 is definitely a very difficult time for everyone due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic. We have to face many restrictions and give up many activities. But I felt fortunate and blessed to get one of my important garden work nicely done. For this, I have to express my gratitude to Vinca Landscape and its crew members. I have a Japanese maple tree grown in a big pot for a few years and I want to move the tree out of the pot and plant it into ground this year. I talked to my neighbour, who is very good at gardening, about this project and she suggested me contact Vinca Landscape. This was in the middle of April, a time that we were at the state of emergency. I was told at the beginning that the work might be scheduled into the coming month due to their difficult schedules, but they didn’t let me wait too long. When their crews were available about 10 days later, they came and got my project done. Later, I realized that to transplant a tree, the best time should be in early spring. So it’s fortunate for the tree to get this completed in April instead of in May. In normal years, it’s probably not very difficult to schedule a project like this. But during a pandemic period, I really appreciate their dedication and professional service. Talking about their professionalism, I have to thank the crew members for taking a good care of other plants near the tree during this re-planting process. The limited space around the tree added extra difficulty to the work but the crew members were so careful and didn’t cause much of damage to other flowers nearby. For the final orientation, the crew did it as I wished, which made the tree nicely fit into the surroundings. When they finished the re-planting, they collected all the garbage and vacuumed the site. Now the Japanese maple happily grows and brings freshness to the garden. I am glad that I have a professional team done this.

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Thank you for your words, clients like you make us keep our strength to continue on these crazy times. The last 2 months have been challenging, to much work + no enough labour force + logistic troubles, but we love what we are doing. We are lucky to be busy and attend lovely families like yours. More than ever we need to work together and be patient with each other, our crew is been working really hard trying to be ahead, we been doing the job of 12 with only 6 installers. I’m sure they will be glad when I show them your commentaries. Thanks Again. Mario Retes