Please be warned when buying furniture from Cozy Living furniture. The furniture is overpriced with poor quality. I got a sofa a purchased from them for over $2000!! The sofa had cheap foam filling...Its not worth the money...It looks good, but don't be deceived. Worse, the delivery guy is a bully. He desperately tried to bully me I think because I am female. The older man who doesn't communicate well in English came to deliver my furniture with one other guy, they both tried to bring the sofa in but after trying for ten minutes the older guy became frustrated and spent the other 40 minutes on the phone speaking to someone . I heard the guy on the phone say, " just have her sign the form and leave it" The older man got off the phone and asked me to sign a paper and I refused. He tried to tell me to just sign it to say we were here. I refused as the sofa was still sitting on the from lawn outside. He threatened to leave it on the lawn and tried to get me sign a paper giving him permission to leave the sofa on the lawn for me to figure out how to get in in my house-even though I paid to have the sofa delivered to my house. I refused to sign the form and he told me that " guaranteed I will not take this back to the store, I will leave it here" He walked back to the moving truck and got in. I also walked to my car and got in and drove away and went back to work as I was on my lunch. When I got home from work the sofa wasn't there. I called the store for three days straight trying to find out where the sofa was. Three days later the owner called me to say it was in the factory and they will send a technician to measure my house. Over two weeks later a "technician" name Bobby from the "sofa company" called be at 9:45 pm asking if he could measure my house at 11 pm the same night. I told him no. He came by a week later with a measuring tape to measure the entrance of my house and then requested $100. I told him no, why would I pay you $100? He said OK he will follow up with the owner of the store. The next day three of them arrived with the sofa- Bobby the technician, the older man, and a younger guy. They tried to bring the sofa in and I told them to stop when I saw that they had improperly angled the sofa to where it was touching the ceiling. As I called out to stop, the older delivery man yanked the sofa and punctured the ceiling. I was so upset. The older man said " next time don't but a big sofa" The younger guy said " at least we got it in side" I was so angry. They all took pictures and sent it to the store owner. I called the store owner a few times before getting him. When I got him he said he didn't have the pictures and for me to send them. I sent them and called him back. He said its my landlord's responsibility to fix the damage the delivery guy did to the ceiling but that he will call me back. Its been almost 7 days and I have been calling him back and is unable to get him. It would appear that he has blocked my calls. Never buy anything for this store. The Blond lady Gaglina is nice and engaging but don't be deceived. The people behind the scenes are shady. I'll update once and resolution is reached.

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