Called them with a leak coming from a top floor shower. They arrived within hours. Plumber was quick, clean, communicated clearly and very straight forward. Fixed the issue and also addressed some potential future problems. Put me at ease. I would definitely use them again.

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Miro is great. He delivers on all that he promises. He built our decks in the time specified and the finished product met my high expectations exactly. The 3D drawings helped to visualize the project in advance and removed questions about the design. The work that Miro did was precise and clean. He is a honest guy, I trust his work and would definitely recommend him.

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I had a new air conditioning unit installed. I had to obtain the electrical installer myself as Brian lacked the skills/certification necessary, and he also did not have a standing relationship with any electricians. I have since discovered that the capacity of the air conditioning unit that he designated to be installed was oversized by 35-60% (confirmed by 4 subsequent heat/cooling load calculations be contactors for a furnace replacement). This means that I now require a higher amount of airflow capacity for my furnace to properly circulate the air (a wind tunnel when the A/C unit is actively cooling). The supervisor for the company that installed my replacement furnace indicated that he has never seen a residential air conditioning unit installed as large as mine in Calgary. During the installation, Brian removed my existing electronic thermostat. When I requested it to be returned, he admitted that it had been thrown out and that he would provide a replacement. He avoided contact for a long while and did not return the item during the period he had indicated. When I finally sent a stern email to him indicating my frustration and displeasure he arrived at my home the following day, at which time he said that my treatment of him was "unfair" and that he had "things going on in his life" that prevented him from following through. I advised him that I had made several requests and was not aware of any issues on his end because he had not provided me with any communication. Regardless, the obligation was on him due to his error, and this should not have been a large issue. He should still have the ability to manage his on-going business. I was very bothered by his verbal attack on me at my home and would not recommend his services to any one based on his VERY UNPROFESSIONAL MANNER and his apparent lack of technical skills for the proper sizing of the unit that was installed.

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Company Response

Reply to Brian [last name removed--Ed] review of Fleury and Sons.
I am the owner Brian Fleury @ 403 312 - 2266
I am a Jman Sheet Metal Mechanic with Masters and a Jman Refrigeration Tech.
I am Not a certified Electrician.
On June 21/09 we did install an AC system for Brian. His reference to the electrician is partially correct.I did tell him that he would have to find an electrician for himself. This is after I had phoned my electrician, He was not available to do this job due to his schedule.
Also in the city it is required to have a certified electrician do the main power to an AC system and to pull a permit for inspection.
As for the sizing I accept responsibility for that. I had taken the info on house size,window size, etc. to my supplier for sizing, it was determined that a 4 ton system was required.
You are claiming it was over sized by 35-60%. Well which is it?
48,000 less 35% = 31,200 btu or just over 2 1/2 tons.
48,000 less 60% = 19,200 btu or just over 1 1/2 tons.
In the first year of running with the older furnace how was it? Any problems cooling your house? So that you can understand a newer furnace does have a higher air flo then the older furnace.It can also be adjusted to better match cooling capacities. Did your installer check temperature diff.system peformance to set up furnace for cooling? Or did they set up for heating?
As for the supervisor saying he has never seen a residential AC installed as large as yours is he refering to capacities or physical size? Where has he been? I Have seen homes that have dual AC with capacities of 8 tons of cooling.
Now for your real sore spot the "Thermostat". We are talking about an old Chronatherm that you had wanted to save for a friend or family.We took it of the wall and set it to the side. When my apprentice was cleaning up the job site while I was setting up the AC he by accident thru it in the garbage.The next day you phoned and asked about the Tstat, I asked my apprentice about it and he told me it was in the garbage. I told you I would look around my shop to try and find you a used Tstat.
A few days passed and you phoned about it again to remind me,Fair enough it did slip my mind. At about that time or shortly after I had some personal family issues show up in my life that took me for a spin and even today when I think on it has an effect on me.
At this point I had issues and responsibilities far more important to me then finding you a used Tstat.
MY Fault for not letting you know about MY Personal Family issue! MY Fault for not letting you know you are going to have to wait a little bit more for a used Tstat. MY Fault for not putting YOU before MY responsibility to MY FAMILY! SHAME ON ME!
As I was dealing with my family issues You decided to send a nasty Email to me threating to smear my company and my name for poor service etc. Over a used Tstat? Imagine that!
WELL you got your reply to the letter and I guess YOU didn't like it!
I stood on your doorstep in front of you and your young son to Apologize and to explain to the best of my ability (it is still a private matter).
You still insist that it was my responsibility to do more to appease you.
WELL I did 2 things for you that day:
1) I GAVE you a brand new programable touch screen Tstat a $130.00 cost
2) This was more for me then You. I told YOU to lose my number and to never phone me for ANYTHING!