I had the worst experience here. I came in to buy gravel one day and he asked me if I could do grab deliveries for him. He told me he would pay me per delivery and I spent the next few days researching for a dumping truck to see if I could work something out with him. A few days later I came in to buy gravel again and when I asked him about what we spoke about the other day he laughed at me. He told me anyone who doesn't already have a job he doesn't want to hire. He laughed at me. I came back again the next day for grab and he told me to leave because I purchased wood from another company and not from him (it was loaded on my truck). He is rude and narcissistic and to think I went out of my way to try and help him and give him my business and he treated me very poorly. I have accounts with home hardware, Rona and gave him a shot. Worst decision I ever made. I will never go back there. Stay away.

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