We had Shark do our lighting and security system during our reno. We were shopping around for those separately, but Paul brought up some good ideas and we ended up being able to control both through one system. We have scene switches in some of the rooms that turn a bunch of lights to programmed levels and some of the lights are controlled by motion sensors at night so they come on when I’m stumbling around in the dark. Everything can be programmed so there’s a bunch of nifty conveniences that are hard to describe, but we made one of the electrical outlets in the kitchen automated so now I can shut the stove off through my phone if I forget in the morning. Both our security and lighting stuff is controlled through one app which is handy when the kids come home and forget the code. It was a long reno with a bunch of contractor problems, but we never had a problem with Paul – his quote was the clearest and most understandable among any of them and broke down what was to be done, and how much each part cost. He worked well with our general contractor Glen and didn’t slow anything down, plus he reminded us to do some things which someone else had let slip through the cracks like run cable and phone lines into the house so we recommend him immensely.

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