If you have renovations done on your home, bad work results in you living with those problems the rest of your life or paying to have them fixed. You'll never forgive yourself for not doing things right the first time. We were lucky. We met Dennis and Alan of Home Editions. We had a small bungalow that always felt dark and cramped. For our addition, we told Dennis and his architect that our prime requirement was light and space. The results were something we're still in awe of 3 years later. They did the seemingly impossible by presenting us with a plan that had windows on all 4 sides of the main room. Combined with a cathedral ceiling and a huge window looking out on the trees in the backyard, it became a space we never tire of relaxing in. We have light from one direction or another as long as the sun is up. But how good is the workmanship? We waited 3 years to write this review because we wanted to see how the work held up. To put it simply, there have been no problems. Nothing. Of course, there were the inevitable 2 or 3 minor glitches upon completion. But everything was remedied promptly. We even had a bonus. We were going to use the basement under the addition as a workroom. The quality and appearance of the room was so good that we decided that we'd make it an additional living space, always good when you come to sell the house. But what we found most impressive about Dennis and Alan was how they worked with us as construction proceeded. If we suggested a change, they always went along with it or suggested alternatives that were better than our ideas. They've worked on a lot of projects and they know what will work. Finally, we can't forget the people who did the construction. They were experienced and they're the ones who did the quality work. The job site was always cleaned up. And they were a pleasure to deal with. This review may seem a little too positive. But that's the excitement you feel from living in such a well-designed and well-built house - and the appreciation you have when you hear so many horror stories from friends and family about their problems with contractors. We can't say enough about how thoughtful Dennis, Alan and the rest of the crew were in providing excellent customer service. Joanne and Doug

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