As a military member I this was my 7th move and Two Amigos provided by far the WORST service I have ever experienced. The company called and asked if they could do the pack and load on the same day which I agreed to. They were to be at our house at 1000. At 2 PM, two people showed up with no supervisor. One guy was so inexperienced the other guy had to show him how to tape a box shut. A supervisor did show up about an hour later, stayed until supper, and then left without telling anyone. The two unsupervised workers tried to contact their company to arrange another crew for the next day, but couldn't get in touch with anyone after hours. Needless to say, they did not finish on day one. On day two, they arrived at 3:30 PM, realized that everything had been done wrong on day one (no supervisor) and had to redo almost everything. As well, they did not bring enough packing material and had to "borrow" some from another moving company on our street. Day three. They actually showed up at 0900, but still with only two people. There were fragile items stacked in the driveway between the house and the truck that blew over in a wind-gust, large chunks of someones lunch all over the floor on the inside of the truck, and a guy smoking while he packed our boxes in the driveway. They finally finished the one day job at 9 PM on the third day (I should add this was only half our household - 6000 lb -, since we are moving overseas and putting a lot in Long Term Storage). I have not yet seen what our items look like at destination, but I am very afraid. If you have any choice in which company you trust to move you, stay well away from Two Amigos.

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