I was trying to return something I purchased earlier in the week. An unopened PSP and when I did they said the box was opened, but it was not. Then I had to wait 10 mins before a supervisor could come and check. All they did was check to see if the pieces were there and something about the battery. Wasted over 30 mins for her to check and she was giving me attitude. They have good low prices, but they don't have customer service.

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I went there to pick up a copy of my Warcraft III battlechest...didn't get much assistance from the sales rep there, but they seemed nice when I was paying. Their prices were cheaper than other places (e.g. Future Shop & Best BUy) so I think its good value for money. Great store for regular priced game...also the selection for used game is a great as well. Need better customer service tho

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The technician sent by Brothers Plumbing was outstanding and very nice. He was able to do the job fairly quickly and effectively. Their technicians seem very knowledgeable and are very good. The only knock against them was that I felt the price was a bit expensive. But overall, very good work.

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I went to the Future Shop on Warden to purchase a Nintendo DS, but the salesperson I got was rude. Its like he didn't want my business (probably because commission was low). It took a while before he would deal with my request and even after that it seemed as if he was reluctant to help me further. I didn't like his attitude, but I'm a dedicated future shop shopper, but it really disappoints me to get that kind of service.

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