Their salesman is friendly and responsive, however, we feel like we were sold a bill of goods. HME sold us a stairlift that we can only use if you sit sideways on the chair. The technician wondered about it, said we would have to re-build our stair railings. So a few months later, we wanted to return it or at least re-sell it. HME offered us 1/6 the price we paid for it. Forget it.

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Sure, the office staff was kind, but I had to track them down to find out when they were coming, and the workers took an very relaxed approach to the job, broke some of my property and then didn't do more than tell my child about it. When I called to ask for Mr. Wilkens to come see, I never heard from them again.The price quote was the same as others. I picked Wilkens because of the reviews here. Postscript: The reviewer wrote in as follows: "I have told many friends about your website. It's a wonderful example of the connections fostered by the internet. And, I am happy to report that I have been contacted by Wilkens contracting as a result of my posting, and they are fixing the broken steps gratis. The ratings for this review have been upgraded from the original posting.

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Company Response

I don't know about the "track them down" part as autumn is our busiest time of the year. The "relaxed approach" to me seems a positive attitude. The "broken property" was a step made of particle board that was rotten and broke simply by stepping on it. By the time I returned to check out the problem, another step had been broken. I replaced them both personally with proper material at my own expense, not because it was my job but because I was held hostage by her misuse of this site and publishing bad postings. I thought, minimally, she could have withdrawn the covertly hostile remarks from her first posting in appreciation my help.