We had a fence installed last November. The wood was wet and the poles are already severely cracked. There were very big gaps between the boards. After getting in touch with the owner, a supervisor came and he immediately recognized that many things needed to be fixed. He came in person two weeks later and added some pieces of wood to the existing boards. It looks terrible. I left several messages with the owner, Anderw, with the supervisor, Al. I also sent an email and a text but I DID not receive a call. Noone is taking responsibility for this poorly done job. If the technicians knew what to do right form the beginning, the problem would NOT exist. The supervisor said the wood cracked because it was too fresh. Should the technicians not know what to do? After paying so much money, would you like to look at tis job? It is up to the owner to take responsibility and he is NOT calling us back. I do not need to say that I DO NOT recommend this company.

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Company Response

Hi Melba
We are sorry you have not had a wonderful experience and we do appreciate the feedback.
When the wood is purchased it is wet, this is normal. When the wood dries you will have some warping and cracking, this is also normal.
We have sent our technicians 3 times to try and make you happy each time with no success. Warping and cracking are a part of the drying process and is to be expected.
Wood is a natural product and will have flaws. We only added the strips to close the small gap that was created when the board shrunk away and left a 1/4" gap between the post in some places. You and your husband were present during this. You did not say you did not like the looks of strips while you were watching it being done. We could have stopped at anytime. You then called 2 days later and were upset that we did not put the cut pieces on your neighbours side instead of yours and felt that she should see the strips instead of you because you called us in but her garden made it to difficult to access. You were unhappy with your gate so we replaced it with a new one free of charge.
There is nothing else we can do for you and I am sorry you did not have pleasant experience.
We will continue to do our best to make sure all our customers are satisfied and hope to continue to improve our customer service