Do not use Arceo. I hired the Arceo Group (Ward ) on referral (note that the referral was not someone who understands construction quality and pricing, so a poor judgment on my part, but was pressed to find a contractor quickly. Unfortunately I found (after hiring) that he was VERY over-priced, him and his crew did not listen to concerns, they took short cuts on quality, they damaged other parts of my home in front of me (as part of a joke on their part & was not fixed or compensated for) and damaged other parts of my home in the process of their work (and was not fixed or compensated for), they went far past the due date giving excuses that did not align or explain the extensions and always challenged each & every issue I observed with quality, trying to get me to accept sub-par quality with lame excuses (even with simple little things) and they would only do the right thing if pushed very, very hard. Ultimately, they did not fulfill the contractual obligations (even with the over-pricing) and I gave up after fighting for almost one year and resigned myself to fixing myself, or hiring others to fix the poor quality. Ward and his crew wore me down and I just paid them to get out of my house.

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