The abovementioned project was only one of several that Micheal Avetissian has done for us. Please read on! Our home was desperately in need of interior improvements. We learned about Michael from our next-door neighbour over a year ago and we have been very impressed with his work - so much so, that we have called him back again and again to continue on with improvements to the other rooms and hallways in our home. Michael's workmanship, his knowledge of interior decorating and his expertise with colours is a great help in making the right choices for best results. When Michael was working on the kitchen and laundryroom, we decided to replace all the old major appliances. Michael and his employee Eric actually removed all our major appliances from the house for us, taking great care not to damage the walls, doorways and thresholds. They moved away all the furniture as needed to do the work and Michael gave very helpful suggestions as to how to place the furniture for maximum aesthetics and utility of the room. Micheal has kept himself well-educated as a licensed contractor in all matters of health, safety and environmental protection in his work. His knowledge of materials technology and strategic use of the most suitable materials in his work were all evident. Michael explains things to me and maps out his detailed plan about what he needs to do. He dealt with some nasty surprises, such as discovering mold under the surface of a wall or ceiling. He knew exactly what to do to isolate the area, remove the moldy materials, kill any remaining mold and reseal and repatch to as good as new. Michael details out what he will do in his quotes, better than I have seen with most other contractors we've had. He is very friendly and helpful and is happy to address all questions. If there are any hidden surprise repairs he discovers, he is very careful to explain the extra work that needs to be done. When the work is done, he presents a very professional invoice detailing all the work done, labour and materials, making for a formal contract completion. In brief, you know exactly what's to be done, it is done very professionally with some nice extras, and it is professionally carried through to the invoice. We have always been pleased to write him a cheque for a job well done! We know we can depend on Michael to deal honestly with us and follow through with a job well done!! He makes helpful suggestions afterward for what we can have done to make further improvements. Michael follows up later to find out if we were fully satisfied with his work and offers to do further improvements if we are interested. We'll be calling him back for those further improvements! Gary and Beverley

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