Renovated 3 bathroom and replaced the pipes. Overall the people there and their contractors are very friendly and nice to work with. However felt their communication was lacking as sometimes my directions were not carried through all the team members/contractors. There was alot of delays throughout. And it took about 6 months for everything to be complete. There were times we were told a contractor or trades would come in but then they never showed up. Ironically they were so quick to want to demo even before we picked out items or ordered any plumbing. The later part of the renovations felt a bit sloppy as they seemed to be rushing through, though they would show up one day within 1 to 2 weeks. The cabinet company they recommended for the bathrooms (all 3 cabinets) had problems and parts had to be brought in to replace. Even today, we are still waiting for replacement doors for one of the set of doors. I have kitchen renovation that I am planning to start soon, but will hesitate on using VGC for this one. Though it was not a horrible experience, it was not a seamless one and had a number of challenges, even from start. Though these were corrected, I feel that based on the amount of money our project was worth, these items should not have manifested and required more attention that I had to direct at it than I expected given that one of the reasons I hired this company.

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Company Response

Dear client,

Thank you for your feedback, and we are happy to hear that everything was completed, and hopefully, you are enjoying your renovated bathrooms.

I do apologize if our communication was not up to your expectations, as this is something that we have been diligently working on over the past year. We have implemented changes in our processes that will ensure better communication and quality assurance.

We do our best to source out quality materials that will meet your budget, but unfortunately, we are not the manufacturers and do not have much control over what materials arrive and the condition they come in. We do however do quality control, and should items need to be fixed or replaced, we do ensure that it gets done. This is part of the service that we offer.

We do hope that when it comes to your kitchen renovation, you do consider us, but if not, we do hope that it goes well, and you get a great end results.

Should you need anything in the future please do not hesitate to let us know.

Thank you,

Hussain Khatheer
General Manager.


Buying a home is such a huge investment, and Mike made it so much easier to decide if the home we were were purchasing was sound. His report was well documented and detailed, providing us with areas of current concern as as well as areas to watch for in the future. We were able to use the report to negotiate a better rate for our new home. I would recommend Mike to anyone who is in the market, without a doubt. My realtor and the home owner, who was at home that day also commented on how completely thorough he was.

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