BossSound does not honour what they say to you, and tries to trick you into buying equipment that doesn't fit or don't need and when you try to return these items they scream at you. Originally i Bought a pioneer car stereo from them and before i bought it i asked the man who owned the store if i could return it if it simply didn't fit, He said yes so i bought it. I didn't notice him write "No refunds" on the receipt and he had me sign, ha very sneaky. So car stereo didn't fit and i came down less than a week later to look for a new car stereo and when i said that i would just like my money back they flipped out at me, they screamed at me, they accused me of l y i n g when i said that he would refund my money, and then they called security on me. Very embarrassing to have happen to you when your just trying to shop in a store. They would only let me exchange the product with something else they had at the exact same price which was hard considering their selection is mostly junky and low quality. So i was trapped there, wanting to leave but i had to pick something else that would fit and i would have to settle for. This Store is TERRIBLE and needs to be closed, by far the worse customer experience I've ever had in my life, The store looks like a dump and you can't trust the products or anything the people say or do. I was lured in by good deals on kijiji, if your in the same situation as i was please reconsider and go somewhere that you can't trust the people aren't just going to sell you garbage just to make money. They take advantage of people at bosssound and its not right.

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