Raul does excellent work and takes pride in it too. He and those who work for him, like Serge, are always very easy to work with and very tidy at the job site. The work all day every day, even on Saturdays, to get the job done promptly. The prices are very fair too. Pompeya has done four renovation projects for us at two different houses. We'd absolutely hire Raul again.

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Over-sized our furnace by 50%. Company supposedly is a Carrier dealer but claimed to have no idea there was a legal settlement due to a class action lawsuit of 200,000 Canadians resulting in rebates to customers. Charges $169 as a "warranty labour rate" vs its regular rate of $99/hour, meaning the homeowner gets zero benefit due to "free" warranty parts because the homeowner is charged almost double the labour costs to have them installed, and may even end up paying more than without a warranty. Jackie - their front office person - is remarkably uninformed and has a lack of diplomacy that together suggest she shouldn't be speaking with customers.

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Hired Cinderfella to remove an old chimney. He and his assistant showed up before scheduled day and started work even tho nobody was present. They also decided it was okay to cut a hole in bricks on the exterior of the house so they could use the old chimney as a chute to fire the bricks down as they removed them from the roof. Ended up with a hack patch job and a totally unneccessary one at that. It's also an interior chute they were using by the way. You can imagine the toll on the plaster as bricks hurtle down. They simply couldn't be bothered to hand the bricks down or take any care at all.

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Highly recommend these guys. Ernie really knows his business. We have a 100 year old house and the fireplace was a problem. Smoke was coming into the house. We had 3 or 4 contractors in, but it was clear that Ernie understood the problem best. He explained a smoke chamber to us and how it works and why ours needed to be expanded. His company rebuilt it from the outside of the house and saved us from unneccessary work and expense that would have been involved in the bigger solutions suggested by others. They mixed the brick when repairing the exterior wall so it isn't glaring from the street. On another occasion they rebuilt our chimney too. This was a couple of years ago, and now it's time to call them back for another job. Nice to know the work will be done by someone we know and trust.

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It's no accident that all of the positive reviews for this company are for the West end location. Leaside is to be avoided. Here's just a partial list of their errors: drilled French doors on wrong side got grill pattern wrong on some windows and put snap-on grills instead of permanent wooden grills on others delivered doors instead of windows destroyed hardwood floors during installation process miscalculated dimensions for transom and late on delivery every time. Pricing is good, but with Leaside this just proves the maxim that you get what you pay for. It doesn't matter how much business you give them, their sales guy says whatever will cover off his own story best rather than fix his mistakes. If you want zero accountability and to fight really hard for what you ordered, just call up Pollard's Leaside location. Their head office is a different story they have an understanding of cutomer service and Tony is REALLY great. But it's time for the owners to investigate just how incompetent the Leaside office really is.

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Company Response

We are a company that listens to our customers wants and desires and we strive to deliver the look or vision that they are trying to achieve.

In this case we did our best to explain that we would be providing a set of double doors with a fixed door (with full doorlite) on either side. We also provided drawings that clearly depicted this configuration.

Our installation crews are constantly receiving accolades for their workmanship and attention to detail. All parts of the home, where an installation is taking place, are properly tarped. If we are responsible for damage we will always make it right.

Occasionally during an installation we will find inconsistencies in wall construction. Although we do our best to measure accurately this inconsistency may appear to be a miscalculation on our part. We do take responsibility when this occurs.

We do consider ourselves accountable and we do take reviews such as this one very seriously. We are a family based business growing our business one customer at a time.


This is a family business with old fashioned respect for the customer. The son who manages sales gave us very good advice on choosing new windows for our very old house another son did the installation expertly and tidily. Then the father, the business's founder, resized our old door and installed a new threshold so that we still have the door original to the house but now functioning like its new. Strongly recommended.

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