We moved to a house in January and I ordered a full alarm. They came in January and put in door contacts. It took about 4 calls to get them to come back a month later to put in the window contacts. At that time I was told I had to wait 6 months for video monitoring. I'm still waiting - and it's now 10 months. I called twice, I put it on FB, I emailed 3 times and it was the second twitter post that finally got some action. And they said that the only way they do video is by giving us an entirely different system and we would have to start the 3 year contract again. But, of course, I referenced the TWO visits previously where they were asked to put this in and the fellow just kept repeating that we would have to pay for a whole new system to get video. So we are left with a partial order and no plans for them to complete. I've calendared to send that registered letter in 24 months, which will be the required 60 days. I'll send it -by fax, twitter, facebook, call and registered because I just know that someone has given me the wrong information. It's clear that the staff have not a clue what they are talking about and that they don't communicate with each other. It could be a good product but we'll never find out.

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We're sorry to hear of your experience and we would like to have this matter resolved as quickly as possible. Please email me your contact information -

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They were hired by the landlord so we paid extras only. However, the door is on the wrong side, the window is an inch wider at the top than the bottom (how will we get a covering on that?), the fan is wired backward, the pot light in a small room was just "stuck" in and the first time we pulled the chain to turn it on it fell out and is now dangling dangerously, the paint is sub-standard for an office and was marked with the first person who touched it (it wipes off), and the fellow that did the window glazing said the glass was sub-standard and we have to get a glass pro in now to see if it meets WCB regs. These are only a *few* of the many problems that we are living with now.

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