I had these guys install over 1,000 square feet of hardwood in my home back in August 2007. They arrived on time, worked incredibly efficiently -- the two men got the job done in a day -- and the install was absolutely flawless! As well, they were very upfront about costs, effort and timing right from the quote stage. The price included all quarter-round, all moulding and the highest grade under-padding you could get. The under-padding is where you have the opportunity to save if you wish -- but for the difference in price, I went with the industrial grade padding to ensure no squeaks or shifting ever. I can tell you we continue to receive compliment after compliment on our home and much of it is attibutable to the guys from Designer's Carpet. I would have no hesitation in recommending them or engaging them again!

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I hired these guys in August 2005 to widen our 20 foot driveway by 3 feet. They did not come to do the work until December of 2005. I paid them in full and they simply sprinkled a 2 cm layer of asphalt and left. They didn't dig or create a base for the paving. Now that the warmer weather is back grass is growing through the lousey layer of asphalt they have put down. We are now in July of 2006 and they still haven't returned. These guys have ruined the look of our home.

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