His crew came in on Monday and started in the master and working forward through the was still being finished 5 days later. Furniture was moved out of the way and much moved into rooms that would be done later so I could move furniture into the done areas..none of this happened. Walls not painted properly-1 coat is most areas . many casing not done, Front door and sideview lights not even touched, corners not even touched. He was to do my basement but after 5 days of his poor work I told him to hold basement.He sent his crew on Monday and they messed around not even working.Lamp and wall socket plates where cracked and broken and many not on..The owner Jeremy spoke with me at 10:16 am Monday and promised to return the deposit and would drop it off in the next few days I am still awaiting and my house gores up for sale in 1 week.They will leave you high and dry and not return calls and never calls when he says..

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