Like most other reviews say, Home Depot/HD roofing comes in higher in price, but you get what you pay for, including a transferable warranty to the next home owner. Also, the chances of Home Depot going under in the next 25+ years is slim so it gave me piece of mind. On the day of, the guys that showed up were from Katin Roofing, which is fine I guess since the contract states that Home Depot/HD Roofing would outsource the job to one of their trusted agents. Overall, they were friendly, quick and did a good job to the specs agreed. Cleanup was good, but could have been slightly better.

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I'm quite shocked at the other reviews as I got the exact opposite. To begin, the sales person (Gerry/Jerry?) that came to do the estimate was highly disorganized and called me for directions at least 3 times (probably more). He only popped his head into my attic and didn't do much of an inspection. I probably should have just cut my losses there, but I trusted all the other ratings on here and decided to proceed (especially since he said he has nothing to do with the installation process). After a couple business days, I got a call to book a time. The booking person (Walter?) seemed organized and accommodating relative to the salesperson so I thought I was in good hands. We decided on a time between 10am-12pm and I booked a half-day off work (where I am paid hourly). On the day of, nobody arrived or called by 12pm so I called Tropical twice to try to find out what was going on. On the second call, they said they weren't sure so they'd call me back at which point I mentioned I had to get to work. By 12:50pm, I hadn't heard back so I left to go to work. On the way to work around 1:10pm I finally got a VM on my phone saying they'd be there in 30 minutes (which was obviously too late). Unfortunately taking a full day off work wasn't an option for me. No apology or anything. Just an insight into how they treat their customers. Hope nobody else has to go through what I did.

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Company Response

Dear Valued Customer,
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that we may have caused. We always endeavour to provide the best product and service, striving to mitigate and resolve any issues which arise. Our installer Gino, did try to contact you several times and explain that due to circumstances beyond our control he would be arriving late. Our VP of Operations has also tried to contact you on two occasions with no success, leaving you two voicemails.
Again, we do apologize and would like to reiterate that we do maintain a high level of service and quality.