We had J & D Countertops, measure & install quartz counters and a backsplash for our kitchen. This all went horribly wrong when their measurements proved to be incorrect. The counter and backsplash was not long enough and left a gap where you could see the old laminate. We were assured that this would be handled and they would make sure we were happy. I didn't hear back from them within a few weeks so I called the company's voicemail, owner's cellphone, and left messages. When a few weeks passed, I began calling the company and owner's phone every day. Only when I called from a different number was my call answered and I was informed that I will be called back for date that week to fix the issue. I was not called back. After 7 months of consistently calling them with no communication back from them, they finally answered and agreed to come to my house. They did fix the problem but I consider their fix a bandaid fix. This should have been done correctly the first time with proper measurements which I feel is the most basic necessity for a proper counter installation. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

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