Saw Richards-Wilcox garage doors at Toronto Home Show and liked their sturdy construction. Found out local dealer was Rivett Architectural Hardware in Whitby. Alex Scott came out and quoted job. Bought premium doors with wrought iron windows and had them installed. Installer did a nice job and we are very happy with our doors. Cleaned area and removed old doors.

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John Whyte came by and personally accessed job. He supplied a quote with copies of wsib, insurance and diagram of house. He was very knowledgeable. His quote was on par with competitors and also included cast downpipe brackets and zip hinges, if required, for no charge. On day of job, arrived on time and completed job including using a level all around to confirm drainage. Installed screw brackets every 18", increased size of downpipe to 3"x3' from 2"x3", and re-routed downpipe through garden, replacing plastic pipe with metal. Cleaned up site with magnet and removed all debris. Very happy with job.

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Had a new Daikin furnace and air conditioning installed, efficient and good crew installed it promptly. However, I started getting a Blower Motor Limit Alarm, I called Button's Heating and service man came over. He was unable to clear alarm and didn't know what was causing it. While he was here, I noticed my humidifier was connected via a transformer hanging in the electrical compartment of the furnace. I questioned him and he said that was the only way they could connect it. After he left, I read the installation manual and found the proper way to connect a 24v humidifier and removed the unnecessary transformer and connected it properly. A few days later, I noticed my duct booster fans weren't running. I looked into this and found the wire to them was cut off at the furnace. No mention of this was made by the installer. I looked into this and was able to add a relay to control the duct booster fans and put them back in service. I still have the alarm, and don't know whether it is ruining my furnace or what to do about it. Follow-up: Button's Service Manager, Mark, came over. He explained the use of the transformer and benefits, re-installed using a proper mounting bracket. As for the Blower Motor Limit Alarm, he found that I had put the fan at 100%, being a variable speed fan when it tried to ramp up it couldn't because it was already at 100%, thus the alarm. He recommended setting the fan at low speed, which cleared the alarm, it hasn't returned and the furnace ramps up as necessary. He did notice a high static pressure, which is unexplained at this point, probably due to legacy duct issues with a new furnace. Most of the issues could have been prevented by more communication with the homeowner.

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Company Response

Hello Gary,

It was a pleasure talking with you today and discussing the content of your review. I have recapped our conversation below.

The furnace was getting a blower motor limit warning after a thunderstorm. Our technician visited the home and discovered a loose neutral wire inside the furnace cabinet. Our technician repaired the wire, reset the alarm code and tested the furnace several times to try and cause the code to reappear. The code did not reappear at this time and our technician thought that perhaps because of the loose wire in combination of the severe thunderstorm that this was the cause of the fault which is not an uncommon occurrence. The technician did advise that if this fault was to appear again, to give us a call and we would return. Unfortunately, our records indicate that there was no request for a return service call.
All of our service technicians would never leave a fault code on a furnace without investigating further. There are several avenues of support in case they are having problems finding the source of issues.
We have thousands of customers and have been able to solve all problems related to fault codes. Some issues we may need to return on a second visit. Today’s equipment is very complicated with circuit boards and various complicated components and sometimes a second call may be needed to solve issues.
As far as the unnecessary humidifier transformer, yes in the manual it shows that the transformer is not needed, however from experience and advisement from the manufacturer it is advisable to use a secondary transformer for additional components to the furnace. If there are problems with the humidifier in the future, which has happened, there is a possibility of furnace damage. Since there is a possibility, we as a precaution always install a secondary transformer and advise that it be reinstalled.
The duct booster fan not connected was not mentioned to the service technician at the time of the visit. The feedback from our install manager is that if the wire was connected directly to the furnace, it is out of code. If this was the case they install crew would not have reconnected it.
Again, I thank you for taking my phone call today and discussing this with me. I am confident that upon our return, these issues will be completely resolved. I have just received word that the appointment is already booked and we look forward to seeing you Monday afternoon.


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Alan Graveline is very professional, polite, easy to talk to and accommodating! We ordered the Verano doors with wrought iron inserts. We were told that they would be ready in 8 to 10 weeks, but it turned out to be 4 months! Alan kept us updated on progress, has an eye for detail and was apologetic when he realized the wrong glass was put in the doors. But he got it changed before delivery, which is what caused the delay. That was no problem and it ended up working out better for us. Doors and crew arrived on time on delivery day. Crew is friendly and clean.

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Company Response

Collin. Thanks for the awesome review. We're so happy that you're happy. We're very confident that your new Clera products will be a welcome addition to your home!