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There is NOTHING Fair or Square with this company - Roof shingled in NOV2014 by Dominik...NOW MAJOR REPAIR REQUIRED - MUST HAVE ROOF REDONE including replacement of wood sheeting and more! Shingles were lifting in spring and roof showing signs of warping. When we Requested repair, we were told there was no warranty (our paperwork shows a 30 year warranty on shingles and 5 years on labor). We were told problem was the barbed shingle nails he used to attach shingles to roof had lifted up from sheeting underneath for "some reason" even though "they should not have" ... to fix he just hammered the raised shingles down and suggested reroofing with different shingles. Well the Shingles lifted again - turns out paper not used other than around edges - moisture was getting under shingled roof not ventilated properly. I am so disappointed with how I have been treated and do not wish this to happen to anyone else. The company did not fix problem and is not willing to refund even the original costs -

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Company Response

To everybody reading this, please keep in mind that nobody is saying the shingles were installed crooked or leaking. I have a text from the roofer/framer saying that the underside of the wood was not wet and they verbally told me that the underside of the shingles weren’t wet (as we ripped up a few shingles at the same time to check which I have a picture of) so why would the roof warp. I was not notified a second time that shingles were lifting.I disagree with the assessment that the roof needed to be resheeted or there was moisture underneath the roof or shingles as the framers/roofers said there wasn't and I have a text showing this.

There were no vents on the roof at all when I got there and I added vents. It is standard to have 2 vents on a garage and many have 0 as this garage had none before we did the roof. I challenge you to go drive around and find a garage with more than 2 vents on it. You won’t find many, if any. I am standing on principle on this issue. I have gone to a number of roofs to fix issues (if I didn’t, there would be many more bad reviews), and every company has their percentage of issues and call backs and my percentage of call backs is very low. I did everything as stated on the contract and re-sheeting a roof is an extremely rare thing to do, especially on a garage with no rot on the wood. If not having paper underneath the shingles allows moisture to go into the roof then why do 19 out of 20 roofs that I rip off have absolutely no paper under them. It is because paper underneath shingles isn’t code except on a low slope roof which this isn’t. IKO the manufacturer doesn’t require paper underneath their shingles for a warranty and nothing ever happens to those roofs without paper. This sagging is unfortunately part of the normal aging process of some roofs and because of the style of shingle (which the customer insisted on and I strongly advised against) which telegraphs any imperfections through it, a slight waviness in the roof is now visible. 3-tab shingles are thin and I don’t like them and only use them upon customer request. To Install paper underneath 3-tab shingles is rare. If I were to resheet every roof with this level of waviness after I ripped the shingles off, I would be the most hated roofer in the city. It would like being a mechanic who told you that your repair will cost $500 and doubles the price on every second customer and holds their car hostage. Realistically, if this is an issue, then half the roofs in Edmonton need to be re-sheeted at a large additional cost to every home owner and a huge added risk of having people’s homes flooded because to resheet every roof means to remove the wood and dangerously expose your roof to the elements. This in addition to possibly having somebody falling through your drywall when trying to resheet (I’ve heard of that happening). A roof with no wood on it is very difficult to waterproof if you get rained on. I normally tell people before hand that I can’t fix any imperfections in their roofs when they are visible before hand but in this case it wasn’t visible because the shingles were fairly curled and this hid the imperfections from the eye. Newer 3-tab shingles which are thinner than the older version hide no imperfections because they lie down as a perfect sheet and telegraph any imperfections below them. For a while I thought I had put paper on the roof because that is my standard but I didn’t in this case because the customer wanted a lowered price and to quickly sell the house and 3-tab shingles aren’t even the standard for me (I do 1 3-tab shingle job a year on average). That is my mistake for thinking that I did install paper but the contract clearly shows it is optional which I only looked at again when the roof was being resheeted.
I have included a picture of the trusses of the roof. You will see on the left hand side that there is a raise in the trusses. This is everywhere on the roof but more pronounced there. That was there from day one and I don’t know any single roofer that can fix something like this. Whatever new wood goes on the roof might hide something like this in combination with a laminated shingle but it won’t fix the trusses. This raised truss isn’t caused by a warped roof deck. This is something that just shows through the roof.
I have also included a picture of the ripped off Deckbase on the roof. You can see where a portion of it is still on the roof and a portion of the roll is ripped where they would fit exactly and it is very close to the plywood line. Plywood is 48” high by 96” wide. My point is that Deckbase is 44” high and that is a 4” gap between the plywood line and the top of the roll left on the roof. It is not paper as the customer said, it is 44” Deckbase as per the contract and building code.
I believe the waviness in the roof was there prior to installation of new shingles. If this roof is 30 years old for example and there were no vents for the life of the roof as is the case, when would it have warped? In the 30 years with no ventilation or the 9 or so months with ventilation. If this roof is 30 years old for example and there were vents for the life of the roof, when would it have warped? In the 30 years prior to having this roof installed or the 9 or so months after I did the roof? What is a more likely scenario? Obviously that it happened over time.
I came back to fix the toe nails that were missed. Toe nails are where the head of the nail bends slightly and causes a raise in the shingle. This problem was solved. The customer wasn’t told that there was no warranty but a cosmetic issue of this sort isn’t necessarily covered by the warranty. There were no leaks, wind damage, crooked shingles, etc.