I contacted C Valley for a quote a few months ago. I dealt with Vince for the quote. We were assured everything was going to be done correctly as we were in no rush to get this done. He did not sign a contract with us -everything was a verbal agreement. This job has been nothing but a nightmare from the start. When they first came to do the brick we were away. They were asking my daughter where to put the brick, where to start, how it should go down the driveway -like she knows? The guys who were here were very unprofessional -rushing through the job, talking about what they were going to do later that night (Getting drunk), how this job was not going to take them all day and they were going to be done in no time etc. My daughter even made a comment to them at the time when they were doing the brick along the outside of the driveway that the lines were not straight. They told her that that was what Vince told them to do and that it needed to stay like that. The guys who did the interlock didn't even use a string line to measure where the brick needed to go and what grass needed to come out. My son-in-law came to put the string line where it needed to be the following day. We contacted Vince about them not putting a string line and he told us that HIS guys put the string line down when it was really my son-in-law who did it. What was done at our house was absolutely disgusting. The brick was not level, there were no straight lines, the brick dipped towards the garage at the top of the driveway and towards the grass on the boulevard, the brick did not line up with the columns of our garage, the border on one side was protruding outwards from the start of out veranda and didn't line up, some of the bricks were damaged and the brick were put the wrong way. Did they think we wouldn't notice when we came back from our vacation? We contacted Vince regarding these issues. He was very rude and did not want to initially come back to fix it. He told us we would have to pay more if we wanted the brick turned the other way. He also told us we would have to pay more if we wanted to remove a TINY piece of grass to make the line on one side of the driveway straight. Once the brick was in it cut down the amount of square feet needing to be paved -do you think they took that into consideration when charging us for the asphalt? Originally my driveway was 1200 square feet and Vince charged me $2800 for just the paving of the driveway. He told me it worked out to a little over $2.30 a sq ft. Now my driveway is only 1000 sq ft which works out to $2.80 a sq ft. I mentioned it to Vince and he said he didn't care and that's what it was. We finally convinced Vince he needed to come back to even take a look at what needed to be fixed as we were not happy. Our driveway sat like this for about a month not hearing anything from the company as to when they would be coming. They finally showed up yesterday to apparently fix the brick and pave the driveway. It is not much better than it was to begin with. The brick is uneven and is not straight The only reason we hired C Valley was because my SON-IN-LAW likes them and we thought we could trust the quality of work. Were we ever wrong. It is very sad that this is the type of work that they stand behind. We could have hired any other company and should have. We made a big mistake going with this company.

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