Good job on gutters. Didn't clean the moss on the back side of the roof. Discovered after he'd been paid. Said "didn't think I cared because it's not visible". Asked to return to complete the job but failed to show.

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Company Response

We have some miscommunication happening. I believe, when I came to estimate the scope of work, you husband told us that he is not worried about pool house and back garage, because he does it himself. So, those 2 buildings never been included in the price I gave you. I didn't even look at them. After I cleaned the roof on the house, I decide to clean roof on those 2 building anyway, as a bonus, simply because I knew that your husband doesn't have the right tools. He is absolutely capable of doing it, but without right tools he wouldn't do very good job. I did spend several extra hours cleaning them, and I never even charge you for it. You know that I didn't ask a dime for cleaning a roof on those buildings and for the chains that I reinstalled, because they have been installed incorrectly, and those chains being that way for how many years? (I do know that you probably would be OK paying extra for it. I just looked at it as it being my mistake, missing moss on those buildings and and not naming the price for cleaning them before I started to work). With all that extra work that I did, I was very late to see another customer, and didn't have time to finish the back side of the garage. After you called me and asked to finish it I did promise you to come back. And I did, but later than anticipated. And you roof and gutters were in that condition for how many years? And all of the sudden, you decided that it couldn't wait for another couple of days? During the summer? With rains couple of months away? Anyway, now it is all done properly (and remember, for FREE). Sorry for the miscommunication.

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The company provided a "recommended" and "experienced" tiler. The tiler from the store believed he could put tile on TOP of floating hardwood. Cut all our door moldings to account for the increase in floor height before realizing that cement won't stick to an unstable surface. Pulled all the tiles up with the Nuheat floor mats that he had laid underneath. Scraped off the mats and put them down again. Tiled over top. All Nu heats mats that had been scraped (2 total) were broken beyond repair. I would have to pull up the entire floor to replace them. Ran wires from the floor mats in such a way that you can catch you toe on them and slice it open. Grout was cracking and needed to be fixed within 3 months. Put hardwood on 2 sets of stairs. made the nosings too deep so the wood cracked when you stood on them. Needed repair immediately. Replaced tile on fireplaces. Had no idea how to finish the edges. We chose a horizontal slate ledgestone. When he found he had miscalculated and was off by an inch in tile placement, he added one piece vertically. He did not clean the extra grout off the tiles before sealing them so the tiles look dirty. We can't fix the fireplace tile or have heated tile floors without starting all over again. We need to replace all the door casings in our kitchen and foyer. We'll never go back.

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