Imagine sitting at your kitchen table on a Friday night, about to have dinner, when all of a sudden you see drops of water on the floor, which very quickly turn to the sound of gushing water from a burst pipe and seeing your entire ceiling and walls become very wet, very quickly. At that point, all we wanted was someone to assist in repairing the burst pipe, then getting the water damage dried as quickly as possible to avoid mold. HELLO MIKE and SAMANTHA (!!) to the rescue. Not only did they show up immediately, but made arrangements for a plumber to come by immediately to repair the burst pipe and even recommended an access panel in our bedroom (access to the en-suite bathroom, where the water originated from), just in case a similar burst pipe were to occur again. Their calm demeanor was very comforting and although we had no choice but to allow them to bring in their dryers, which took over the kitchen for the next few days, my wife was excited because she got a reprieve from having to cook for that period of time. When they came back to take the dryers away, due to the heavy water damage, one of the dryers had to stay for longer than anticipated, but seeing the dampness on their hand held meter, it was obvious that more time had to be taken to dry out the affected area. All work was done in a clean and workmanlike fashion and the entire kitchen was sealed off with plastic and became the only room in the house that was really affected by the water damage. I would recommend Restoration1 to anyone in a similar situation.

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