Installation of both American Standard A/C and furnace went well back in 2009.. First couple of years PM was done on a timely basis on the furnace but not on A/C. Going into the second week of July 2015 the AC stopped working, it was not blowing air inside the house even though the motor outside was running and thermostat was calling for cooling. I first contacted the installing Tech. Joe Casati, of Casati Gas (Heating and Air conditioning) on July 21/15 (left voice message and texted him on his phone) and since I did not hear back from him for over a week I was forced to call another HVAC company, tech attended on Saturday, July 25/15, which cost me a service call of over $100. the prognosis was I needed a blower motor costing me over $900.(plus applicable taxes and labour) I did however make contact with installing tech on July 27/15.. he came to the house and told me that it's probably not the blower motor as was determined by the other HVAC company, but possibly the board...and I haven't heard back from him since. That was July 27/15.. the hottest week of all year.. and I was WITHOUT AIR CONDITIONING... Both the AC and furnace are on a 10 year parts and labour warranty. My last attempt in reaching out to the Tech was Saturday, August 8th and still have not heard back from him. I am only asking that the Tech honour the contract and get back to me with a solution in getting the AC working....Which ultimately will affect the furnace since the blower motor is in the furnace.

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Casati Heating & Air Conditioning regrets the incident that the customer experienced. Unfortunately, according to the terms of the manufacturer's parts warranty, they were not met by the customer because she did not register her furnace and A/C within 60 days of purchase for the 10 years; therefore, only receiving 5 years on both which had expired by the time the issue surfaced.

Moving forward, to avoid such warranty issues, Casati now registers all its new customers on their behalf.

Casati advised the customer that this was a blower motor or board problem, but it was a chargeable call to do any repair (parts not under warranty) and the customer was not willing to pay and it was left at that.