Fred [last named removed--Ed] visited my wife and I to introduce us to the services of FM Industries. Fred impressed us with his knowledge, candor and professionalism. Part of the process making a commitment to spending a large amount of money is trusting the people that introduce you to the product and company. Fred was and is a wonderful guy to deal with. After we decided to buy the windows we got to meet Danny the leader of the team that would do the work. Danny was patient in responding to all of my wife's questions and built up a sense of trust with us as well. The job was started and completed on time. Danny and his team did a great job installing and cleaning up. Fred dropped by several times during the installation to make sure we were happy to help answer and other questions. We couldn't be happier with our purchase and the service we received. Oh yeah, the windows are great and have made our house cozier than ever!

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