Mr. Gwitt installed a high-efficiency boiler in my home in Oct. 2006. He did an excellent installation job, and I was very pleased with his work. In Dec. 2009 the boiler failed to light; and had to be reset and restarted. A month later it again failed to light, so I called Mr. Gwitt for service. Mr. Gwitt supposedly "fixed" the problem with my boiler on 1/26/10; and I paid him $152.25. About three weeks later the boiler failed to light again. I called Mr. Gwitt. He again "fixed" it, on 2/23/10. A week later the boiler again failed to light. I again called Mr. Gwitt. He again "fixed" it on 3/03/10. When I arrived home form work on 3/03/10 the boiler was out, and could not be reset or restarted. I called Mr. Gwitt. He refused to come, even though it was too late by then to call another service professional. After a very cold night, with no heat, Mr. Gwitt came the next day and finally fixed my boiler. He then billed me for another three service calls. When I contacted him, he refused to reduce his bill; even though he didn't fix the problem with my boiler on his first three visits.

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