Guy came from Carrol and gave pricing and did the old "shake my hand and we have a deal". Well I guess that is a sales pitch he does with everyone. Anyway, was to be a two day job when the guys (sub-contractors) came and installed. First, I had to run out and get wood for them so they could properly install the window in the frames that they measured. Was to be a two day job but completed in a day. Sounds good except I should have paid less and they were quick as they did not caulk the windows properly. The first rain two of the seven (29%) of the windows leaked around the frame and ran down the wall. I assume the other five leak inside the wall. I caulked the windows and it is fine. They do not clean up their mess. They gave a quick walk around to show me the windows after they installed and how they worked except one. After they left I opened the one to find a nice hole in the screen. I called and what I had to do was to take the screen out, take it to Carrols show room, waited 5 1/2 weeks then after numerious calls I was told to come pick it up. Amazingly it was not there but the installers had it and they dropped it off 3 days after my visit at my front door. It was filthy and had been in their truck for 5 weeks. But a least the screen was replaced. The windows are good except one does not stay up now but that is my issue, so much for a lifetime warranty.

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