Very pleased with the work and advice. The team arrived as agreed, very organized in their execution throughout. Did QUICK work of my reasonably sized maple tree that was splitting badly in 2 different places. Originally I contracted them to cut down 2 branches overhanging the house but Glen advised me that the tree was not safe upon seeing it in detail, and gave me a fair estimate for the removal of the whole thing. The team took safety seriously, which is kind of a big deal with tree removal. They were professional and organized, (and more than well equipped), almost like a military operation. Cleanup was excellent as well which is a huge plus and somewhat rare these days. Also they know what's what with the City bylaws. Thanks again Glen and Lynn

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Company Response

Hi Robert
Thanks again for trusting our company to care fore your tree care needs.
Much appreciated.
Glen Campbell ISA Certified Arborist (ON-1138A) cell: 6132237732


I had my roof replaced by Interlock about a year ago. The product itself seems quite good. Installation initially had some serious issues as the installers were inexperienced contractors; but they were resolved amicably before I paid the balance over a period of a few weeks. However the reason for the 4 stars is that I paid to have 2 nails installed per shingle, to raise the wind rating warranty from the standard 193 Km/h to 220 Km/h (4 nails would be 275 Km/h). This was agreed with their sales rep Derek and is in the work orders. 2 nails were installed, however Interlock fails to provide the warranty with an upgraded wind rating and it's still just for 193Km/h, even though its almost a year later and I have sent many messages to Derek about it. Edit: After the reviews were posted I was contacted by Scott and the warranty update was provided. Hence the review is updated.

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Company Response

Hi Robert,

Re: Guardian Warranty Update

9969 River Way
Delta. B.C. V4G 1 M8 Canada

Please be advised that your Guardian Warranty has been upgraded to reflect the 2 nail application.
The Manufacturer warrants that the Product will resist wind speeds of up one hundred and fifty (150)mph (241)kph.

Thanks, Scott
Interlock® Metal Roofing
Ontario's Best Roof™
289-272-6145 / 1-866-319-876


Andrew is a rock star as far as I am concerned. I had gutters which leaked at the drip edge and seams (among other small issues). He came in and did a detailed exam of the issues and a day or two later he gave me an itemized estimate. He identified many problems with the eaves that I was not even aware of, but none of them were fake or un-necessary! Other companies I tried to get quotes from either didn't want to even see the problem first, didn't want to take on "small jobs", or simply gave quotes to replace all the gutters without consultation (wasteful cash grabs). Anyway, Andrew fixed the gutters at what I consider to be fair rates, and everyone gained as the old gutters didn't need to be thrown out or recycled for NO reason. Additionally Andrew installed some anti-roosting bird spikes that I provided on one side of the roof, without any issues. What can I say, I wish all contractors were this solid and honest, then I wouldn't need to DIY so many things and life would be much easier. :)

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Company Response

Hi Robert. Thanks so much for taking the time to post these kind words. I don't know if I'd agree that I'm a rockstar, however, I do believe in being honest, making sure the homeowner understands why the issues I find are real, not being wasteful and in trying to save my customers unnecessary expenses. I was glad as well to install those bird spikes and to hear that they seem to be doing the trick. Thanks as well for being such a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again for choosing Eaves Experts Ottawa to identify your home's true eavestroughing needs and allowing me to address them. Have a great summer. Bye for now Robert