dissatisfied with customer experience received will not be using again for electrical work at my house

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Dear Daniella D you hired Hotwire to do a service call to your home ... one of many that we have done
the service call fee was advised that it covered up to 2hrs of service troubleshoot repair diagnostic travel time.
on arrival 2 electricians reviewed your fan issue. corrected it and solved your concern. A concern we were advised you had for over 3 weeks. once we solved the issue you and your husband started to call our offices and yelling belligerent words and screaming at my office managers for doing the job too quickly to your liking and then continued to email us how much you wanted to pay for our work. we advised that is absolutely horrible that you would abuse our office team and contract of work to now belittle us as electricians to tell us what you believe our worth was after the fact. Dani short of defamation and harassment I wrote this reply so other trades feel free to contact me so we can warn them of clients like yourselves that see no respect in trades work and our value is so minimal to you that shouting screaming and yelling at all of us is justified to you and your spouse as people conduct and etiquette.. wondering if your current job approves of this behavior where you currently work with insurance clients . can you imagine demeaning us insulting us and now spending your time trying to ruin our company name ? for a 300 dollar service call ?
I pray no one treats you in this manner the way you abused my staff.