This system is awesome when it works. I have a lot of equipment through vivint, the install was free and equipment was free on a 5 year contract. I've had this alarm system for 2 years now, I have thermostat, door locks, flood sensor, doorbell cam and 2 indoor cams and a bunch of other stuff. Well my garage got vandalized and I checked the doorbell cam to see if I could catch the guy, camera was offline, then age few things got taken out of my yard and once again the camera malfunctioned, a week later someone was at my door so I logged in to see who it was and once again the camera was not working. It's malfunctioned about 8 times already. My one indoor camera hasn't worked for 2 months and I'm sick of sitting on hold waiting for them to tell me how to fix it. My basement flooded and my flood sensor malfunctioned and didn't save the day, on occasion my thermostat screws up and either doesn't shut the heat off or doesn't turn it on, my door lock quite often malfunctions and indicates unlocked when it's actually locked or vice versa. Vivint did at one point tell me they would send service people over to see why nothing works but they also told me I would have to pay for their service people to repair their equipment. I don't like paying for stuff that doesn't work but they got me on a contract. In lighter news, my parents have a system with vivint that hasn't caused them any trouble

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Onside came to my house within an hour or two of being called,they got all the flooring ripped out and dryers set up within hours they were very professional and very quick, they didn't cut corners and were very good. I would recommend them

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Thank you for your comments Jason.