We had water in our basement...alot of water. OFC came out right away...within hours of submitting our email for an estimate, told us we required a sump pump to deal with the hydrostatic water pressure under our basement concrete slab. We then to be diligent got a second estimate, the second company came out in the same time frame but gave us a completely different assessment than OFC did. Something in the range of 25k with issues with our weeping tile and waterproofing. At this point we did not know what to do. So we got a third estimate. This company took 3 days to come out and the gentleman that came to our home was to say the least in a rush!! But gave us the same assessment that OFC did but twice as much in terms of pricing. We descided to go with OFC long story short it took them half a day, they were efficient, clean, polite and did a great job and my problem was solved. They made this experience as easy as it could be. Great company, Great service, Great people. Thank you.

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