Hi. This is belated review but I said I'd review them and so here I am. I had cement finishing installed may 2017 and Apr 2018 there was already cracks. Called them on Apr 10, 2018 and told me to send photos. After subsequent follow emails I received reply on May 2, 2018 from Michael. They came by that week to inspect the damage and blamed it on underlying concrete had shifted. My quote came back finally ok may 16, 2018 of $3k fix for something that was installed less than a year ago. Why would I go pay them to fix if it's going to crack again? I told them I was not happy with their apparent "warranty" and lack of responsiveness.

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Company Response

Dear Mr. Wang....
Please send me a copy of your invoice as I have checked your project file and according to that we have done a cracks repairs on the EXISTING concrete and apply California Knockdown overlay.
Our warranty is for the bonding to the EXISTING SURFACE. Any structure shifting causing the concrete cracking, physical damage excluded.
We have done the inspection and send a quote for additional repairs with 3 options.
The last time I have contacted you was Aug 07/20 and you have not responded if you decided to do this repairs or not.


Charging excessively high costs for parts (x10 normal cost of part). Got service on Dec 10, 2014. Had requested quote, but no quote was provided aside from labor stating "parts depends on issue at hand". Serviceman corrected issue btw 8:30 and 9:30am, as requested, however when i asked how much the parts were he wouldn't provide answer. He called in and asked and immediately i was astonished of the high prices for two small components that are readily purchased at hardware stores: 25 MFD capacitor and Relay. From my estimation, these parts do not cost more than $20 total. I was charged 210$ for these two small parts. When i called to complain to customer service rep, she simply replied "this is how much we sell them for" without any validation of these charges. I think its unethical to overcharge for parts. 10-25% markup is expected but not 1000%.

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