I contacted Gary Reisky after another contractor did a hatchet job on the grading of my backyard patio which left it looking like a "boat" and refused to fix it a few months earlier. Gary had to remove and reinstall EVERY stone at the same time ensuring the complex design and pattern were still in tact. A very technical job that required expertise working with umbriano (one of the most expensive stones) and patience to ensure there were no chips and to minimize breakage. Being a licensed umbriano contractor, Gary had all the right tools for gently lifting each stone, and the appropriate machines for compaction etc. He worked diligently with his assistant Bob and at the end of approx. 3 weeks, working in the cold the job was completed to my satisfaction. He returned in the Spring to fix areas damaged by the winter freeze/thaw. Thanks to Gary, I now LOVE my backyard and highly recommend Terraform Contracting to do your next project. Lindsay - Home Owner Yonge & Finch Toronto

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I hired Wild Rose Gardening initially to plant cedars and install Xmas lighting in my front yard. They did a good job so I asked if they did interlock stones and got a quote to do a technical installation of umbriano stone in my backyard and finish both side yards and front landing with Villa Nova stone. Total approx 3000 square feet. The job was such a hatchet job that my backyard looked like a "boat". I brought this to the attention of the various "site managers" during installation but they assured me of their expertise and that the deep slope leading to the French drain in the centre of the backyard patio was necessary regardless of the fact that it presented a safety hazard to my daughter in a wheelchair. The edited version is that I paid $32,000 and refused to make any further payment until the issues were addressed. To date, this hasn't been done so I had to hire another contractor to finish the job .... paying an additional $23,000 approx. Then Wild Rose Gardening had the audacity of taking me to Small Claims Court for the outstanding balance although they refused to complete my job and address the core deficiencies. This is a gardening company as their name denotes. I would NOT recommend them for any hardscaping/interlocking work. The management team seems to only be interested in making money with a total disregard of customer service and professionalism. Homeowner Yonge & Finch PS: Their staff (mostly students) were very friendly and worked hard but lacked the technical expertise and experience to do high end stone installation that involves elevations and/or grading.

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Hired Mansour to provide a quote and install a water sprinkler system for my front/backyard. He quoted me initially for sprinkler heads, then later convinced me that installing a drip line would be better for the same price. Shortly after the installation, I advised him that the system wasn't working, the ground was dry and my plants were drying up. He dropped by, adjusted the timeline of the drip from 60 mins to 2 hours and this did not resolve the issue. I also reminded him that the rain sensor that was in my contract (paid for in FULL) was still outstanding. I waited almost 6 months for the rain sensor which he claimed was on back order. Paid him to winterize the system and again to reopen the system. Advised him again that the drip line system still wasn't working. He showed up, checked the lines, did some adjustment and told me the system is fine. Had 2 other Sprinkler companies do an evaluation of Green Again's installation and was told that the number of lines are inadequate for the water pressure and the drip line was not recommended ..... a mix of soaker hoses and sprinkler heads should have been used. Mansour was RUDE, disrespectful and took absolutely no responsibility for the inadequacy of the system installed. I'm now stuck with watering using a hose on a daily basis to prevent my cedars and other plants from dying. I will be initiating a law suit in an attempt to getting the system replaced. Homeowners, beware .... Do not use this company. He's very nice at the initial consultation but fails to address issues and treats his customers (especially if you're a woman) with the utmost disrespect. I would NOT recommend this company. HomeOwner

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Company Response

Hi Lindsay,

Thank you for your business and feedback. To answer your response, it took our team approximately three years to finish your properties project, because you were constantly changing your contractors. During that time, you were also in a law suit with some of those contractors. From the first day till now, our team still considers a drip line to be the best option for all cedar plants. Mansour himself even advised you of this, however after we installed some of the drip lines, you kept insisting that a spray heads, and soaker hoses would be a better option for those plants.

Also mentioned before by Mansour, soaker hoses and drip lines do the same job. What differentiates the two is that soaker hoses do not last long, they break, and need to be replaced frequently. Drip lines last longer, you can research more about this as well.

Furthermore, when we were completing your properties project, our team made numerous trips back and forth to make sure that you were satisfied. A rain sensor was never installed because we needed the contractor, to finish their project in order to complete ours. Whenever our team came for a service, you set the sprinkler timer to three hours, in which you said it was because your cedar pants were dying. To begin with, your cedar plants were already dead because they were not planted properly, which we had also mentioned.

Moreover, our company decided to discontinue servicing your property because you were taking water from the city for your plants. Our company, believes in equality and treats everyone with respect, regardless of their gender, age, sex and ethnicity, etc. We treat all our customers equally, and do not favoritize one client over the other. Our clients make us the best and we want them to be happy. Thank you for your business. We wish you all the best.