Arrow came in to install a new front and side door plus storm doors. First off they were a month late with the install, second is the front door was poorly installed. The door sweep in the front is installed to tight and the door doesn't open smoothly or easily. With the tight install, the rubber gasket of the door sweep has torn off and arrow, 3 months later still has yet to come replace and fix their work which they say has a lifetime guarantee. I call twice a week trying to get the issue solved but they have shown no interest in coming and fixing it. If you hire arrow, you better hope the one time install goes well or else you'll be having the same issues as I'm having with the service. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

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Company Response

With any product that is custom-made, there is always a chance for delays in manufacturing of that product. We have to rely on the manufacturer of the product and cannot install it until we receive it.
With respect to the installation, we have inspected it and there is no problem other then the bottom sweep being installed too low on the door. This caused the door to rub on the bottom sill, and eventually tore off 3 of the 5 sweeps. The sweep is adjustable, the bottom screws could have been loosened and this would have adjusted the sweep so that it would not rub and cause the sweep to tear. We have never said that we would not replace the sweep, we should have taken care of it sooner, but, sometimes we cannot take care of minor issues quickly, because of certain circumstances. With respect to our lifetime warranty, it must be understood that certain items require regular maintenance in order to make them last. We are not perfect, but, we take care of our customers and even though this customer is not satisfied, we will still take care of the door sweep.