I always check in on their sales, if you need decor on a budget - go here :) There's so much choice, that if you have a keen sense of style you can easily decorate your home no matter what your budget. They also have good deals in their seasonal section and even better end-of-season clear-out sales. While some of their furniture isn't the best of quality, I've had a dining set and an outdoor furniture set for years and they are still holding up well.

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The only real deals are the damaged or slightly damaged appliances. After comparing flyers and websites, you can get a better price for better quality appliances at other stores when they have sales (also try speaking to the store manager for a better price if you are buying multiple appliances). Paddy's Market isn't really worth the drive, unless you want slightly damaged appliances for an okay price - for a basement or something. I also bought items that I had to pick up from their stock building at the back, the stock building staff aren't friendly and are very slow. In-store customer service is pretty hit or miss.

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This is a great place for unique furniture! Also you can get stylish couches at good prices. If ur lucky u might come across matching sets. But if u see them and u like them, buy them! They may not be there when u return. Also, if u want decor for ur home, this is definitely the place to go, we got accent rugs that were pretty reasonably priced. Admittedly, certain pieces of furniture seem overpriced, like some of the coffee tables and sideboards. But they certainly are unique and not run of the mill sort of furniture that u can find in every store.

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These shutters look great, worth the $$$! Delivered within the time frame specified. They are good quality and add so much to a home. The only suggestion I have for Mike is to use white hinges, so that they are not as conspicuous.

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