All the homes in my 2000 built subdivision need new roofs. We observed about 5 different companies working in our neighbourhood over several months. We were appalled by what most did: Unsafe work practices. Using neighbours lawns to eat their lunch. Many nails left behind on driveway, grass, or road. Shingles and nails dumped between houses with no tarp to catch them. Using a leaf blower to blow nails out of eaves troughs and onto the lawn,road, sidewalk. Incomplete job left overnight through a rain storm, etc. Louis and his crew worked on 3 houses near ours and on each one they arrived before 07:00am and were DONE and gone before 4:00pm. They tarped around the house and directed all shingles and nails into a bin on the driveway. They left a bin in the driveway which was collected the next business day as Louis had told me. Walking my property I found 2 nails other than the ones he told me to expect underneath the bin. NO SURPRISES. I am EXTREMELY pleased with their work and have highly recommended them to my neighbours.

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