DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! Alan came to fix my stove as two of the burners stopped working. One burner was fixed, but the other burner is still not working. After cutting all of the wires under the element and attempting to reconnect them with other wires (obviously this didn't work), he said he would return with Tony and go to the store to buy coloured electrical tape to colour code his mess. After 1 MONTH of no one returning my calls, or Sandra telling me she had no new information, Alda finally answered the phone and provided the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. He told me "to live with 3 burners instead of 4" and that "he hates dealing with frustrated people." He called me back to tell me the wires were melted and that Alan couldn't fix it. Why didn't Alan tell me the wires were melted at the time of trying to fix my stove? What did I even pay for? I wish I had read these reviews before. Would never use them again!

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