Had a flood in my basment due to sewer rotting out. Had that all replaced by plumber I hired and was ready for FirstOnsite to put everything back together since the recommended by insurance (never believe insurance company ) Arrogant, absolutely horrible quality of workmanship, project manager only showed up once when I complained the fellows were sent over with inadequate tools and skills (not even a flash light or straight edge) and stomped out and basically told me to shut up or they would walk out half way through. Very professional....? Was never so happy to get them out of my home so I could fix the doors, shelves, paint and drywall myself. Never hire these jokers to do even the simplest job as you will be sorry. As other people have indicated on this site “buyer beware”. Get a reputable contractor in not a bunch of hillbillies who have no idea of what level is or what is two coats of paint is and can see in the dark.

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