I had a floored in my upstairs bathroom 2 days before Christmas and I was hosting. I also work in commercial construction, so I have background in the industry. RCC was sent to me by my insurance company. I should have clued in when my peers of over 50 years’ experience in construction cringed at me telling them who was handling my flood reclamation…. It is now April 17th and my house is still not done! Over the last 4 months there has been over 50 messages left looking for updates, with maybe 5 of those calls retuned. Or they call at 4:30pm expecting to be let into the house the next morning. I’m single and live alone! This is the crazy part, I work for a living too! Please if your insurance advise you that RCC will be handling your case, DAMNED someone else! RCC will never get my recommendtion and I will be letting everyone in the construction world I know all about my experience!

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