We bought a fairly expensive couch from The Brick and it ended up having scratches on it when it was delivered and then the mechanism for the recliner broke. We called their repair department because we have the warranty on this couch and wanted this fixed. However, they said they would get back to us about it and figure out what to do within a few days, but it has been over a month and we haven't heard anything from them and will have to chase them down ourselves. I do not consider this to be good service.

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This florist (Sandra) provided flower arrangements and centerpieces for our wedding and her work was truly excellent! She was able to put everything together without any problems, gave us a very reasonable price, and handled everything with great skill! I would definitely recommend her to anyone!

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I found my dream wedding dress at this store for a very reasonable price. I would say the deals at this store are excellent compared to the other stores I looked at. While this location is a bit tight and their Newmarket location is much bigger, the staff are generally helpful and knowledgeable.

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These movers were late by an hour and a half and did not end up bringing the wardrobes they promised. However, they were fairly efficient and did not break anything in the end. Thus, we were fairly satisfied with their service, minus the beginning and their negative attitude regarding negotiating the price based on their own failures.

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