Assisted Review

An assisted review is collected by a contractor on behalf of the homeowner after their work is completed. The homeowner must confirm the text of the review and may make any changes she or he deems appropriate. The homeowner then assigns the contractor a review score out of 10. Assisted reviews receive the same scrutiny as other reviews and must follow our review guidelines.

I had an issue with flooding in the basement along with the catch basin being completely deteriorated. So I called Toronto Plumbing & Waterproofing Inc; having them done excellent work on my other home in the past, I knew they would be the ones for the job. First the catch basin was fixed to function properly then they provided me with a sump-Pump system and Back Water Valve, (which I learned from them) will prevent my drains from having sewage back and flooding. I was happy for the work that was done mainly because I was upgrading the value of my home along with being granted a portion of the money spent on the job rebated to me through the city of Toronto. Grateful to Toronto Plumbing and Waterproofing Inc for providing me with forms for the rebate. Robert Hicks Dr. Toronto, On

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