I hired handyhome as I live in toronto and I own a rental property in Guelph. They were rated at the top so I didn't want to have any issues so I decided to go with the highest rated and just get it done. The main ask was quite simple as the bedroom doors needed to be replaced and the living room had a mural painted on it from the last tenants which I needed repaired and painted before my new tenants could come in. It was quite obvious after they were complete that whoever they had do the work was quite junior and was happy to cut every corner where possible. As you can see by the pictures the mural is completely visible as they didn't do the repair portion and only painted on top of the mural. 2 of the doors had glaring issues. 1st was put on crooked and had a huge gap and dragged across the floor. The second had the bottom of it chopped off with a free hand saw. Doing this, they also cut out the solid bottom so the bottom of the door was hollow which meant it would easy crack over time. The hinges the bought for the doors were too large, so instead of buying the correct ones, they put them in so they stuck out and they didn't even bother to take the sticker off from the store. When I brought these issues among a few others, they said they never agreed to repair the wall which is untrue and I have in writing in an email. They also told me that they don't make hinges that small so that's all they could get??? I was dumbfounded they would first try to get rid of the problem by trying to pull a fast one and when I called them out on it they gave up and admitted they needed to fix it. Once they fixed it, they again tried to pull another fast one and asked for the repair on their shoddy work to be paid for. I again pushed back and they gave up. This company will keep trying to pull money from you at every corner. Do not hire them.

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Company Response

We are very sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the service provided. As we usually do not service your area we made the extra afford to accommodate your needed and unfortunately had to come back several times to make sure you are satisfied with our workmanship. We will contact you shortly to discuss how we can rectify the issue and make sure that you will be happy with our company. Thank you!