Absolutely the worst appraisal company ever. First quoted $650 plus tax then demanded $1,000 plus tax, I had no choice as financing deal was closing in a week. The appraiser have no clue whatsoever in this industry. Kept asking us, the homeowners for simple things that he should know as an expert. I am not sure where this company is hiring these appraisers, if you get assigned this company for your appraisal by your bank or financing company, please ask for another firm and don't waste your hard earn money. It took the appraiser we had 3 hours and many follow up phone calls before he can figure out what in the world he is looking at. Our house is EMPTY, so it is really easy to do the appraisal. He was just clueless, absolutely clueless. My final appraisal came in $200,000 under market, there is no reason for it except incompetency, what a shame Cross-Town is in business. I have been through the appraisal process over 12 times in the past 10 years for various properties, so I do know a thing or two about how this works. This is truly the WORST appraisal experience ever. I am still upset how they are allowed to operate.

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